Mental Health for Everyone

The core of Azoa are the various interactive exercises scattered around the world. They range from positive psychology exercises to meditation and have all been developed in tandem with psychologists to ensure the most helpful possible experience. Like all of Azoa, the exercises aim to relieve stress and promote positive feelings like thankfulness and happiness to improve your well-being.   

The World Tree is your central starting point, where you will find your daily exercise-missions. You can also use this huge tree to orientate yourself

World Tree

When you concentrate on the simple task of mastering the balance game you will find that it calms you and leads to a sense of satisfaction contributed to the positive experiences.

Balance Trunk

Breathing exercises have been a staple of meditation for centuries. They help you to focus completely on yourself, let go of emotions and focus on the moment.  

Serenity Breath

Here, your attention is directed towards listening - you have to memorize different sequences of tones and reproduce them in the correct order. This way, you playfully enhance your memory.

Musical Lillies

In the Zen Garden you reflect on the positive events of the day and which of your strengths led to them. Through active reflection on the positive events you become aware of your key virtues and energy within you.

Zen Garden

By concentrating on our puzzle game, you will notice that solving it helps reduce stress and induce a rhythm for problem-solving.  

Puzzle Ruins

Listen to different guided meditations by our experts that will help you to calm down and be more relaxed.

Meditation Arc

This exercise is an extended version of the Zen Garden which should be used once a week to reflect on the people and things you are thankful for and who help you to master the challenges of life.

Gratitude Reflection

Coloring mandalas improves your well-being by improving concentration and focus and significantly reducing stress

Mandala Magic

In the Mood Temple you pause and reflect on your current state of feelings and check-in your mood.
This exercise serves as the basis on which the recommendations for the daily exercises are selected.

Mood Temple

The Stone Stacking exercise challenges you to order, rotate and stack stone pieces such that they do not fall down. It helps focusing on the moment and practising your problem-solving skills.

Stone Stacking

Echoes of Nature is a savouring exercise in which you need to focus on the different animal sounds and memorise them. By shifting your attention to this natural soundscape you take your focus off from the mundane challenges at hand for the moment and have time to regenerate.

Echoes of Nature