Collecting fragments can be achieved through:

  1. collecting them on the forest floors
  2. doing mental well-being exercises 
  3. acquiring daily login rewards
  4. earning new achievements

You can share your experiences with us on our Discord or email us at support@harikoah.de.

Make sure your phone is unmuted and the volume is set to a sufficient level. If you have an iPhone, pay attention to the mute switch on the side of the phone.

Check if your app notification settings are enabled for Azoa.

We as Harikoah don’t save any of your data. Unfortunately that means if you didn’t make a backup of your phone, we can’t restore it. However you can restore your premium status on another device if you are using the same Apple-ID as of time of purchase.

We don’t save any of your data. You can restore your premium status on another device if you are using the same Apple-ID as of time of purchase.

We are sorry for your unpleasant experience. We would be grateful if you tell us what went wrong. With you, we can make Azoa a better game. Please report any bugs or feedback on our Discord or email us at support@harikoah.de

If you have any questions regarding the mental well-being exercises or the content in general please contact us on discord or through support@harikoah.de

Azoa is NOT a replacement for treatment of mental health issues. It has been designed to uplift your mental well-being in general. In case of serious mental issues please contact a doctor or a qualified health practitioner.

The payment methods for the premium upgrade are provided by the respective app store as you know it from other app purchases. We do not decide on the choice of the available payment methods. More information on the payment methods can be found on the App Store

The base version of the game is free; additional content can be gained through a one-time payment. The payment amount depends on the respective country you are living in. You can find the exact amount on the App Store page. Otherwise there is no other additional cost for accessing Azoa premium. Also you will not find any ads in the game.

We want you to have an uninterrupted experience with Azoa, that’s why we decided not to include any advertisement or micotransactions in our game. If you want to support us and want an even better Azoa experience consider buying the Azoa premium upgrade.

In-App purchases you are doing in Azoa(i.e. upgrading to Azoa premium) are not refundable.  You can find additional information about that topic here App Store 

Azoa can be played on Apple iPhone models 8 or above.